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Rob Tarr

I am a developer at Sparkbox in Dayton, OH.

I get to work on things like Mediacheck, the Mediaquery Bookmarklet, and write lots of JavaScript.

I spend most of my time writing JavaScript, building server side solutions, and trying to push the limits of what I know. I also like creating tools for developers and building robots.

If you'd like to chat, you can find me on Twitter @robtarr or rob@robtarr.net.


  • Leo

    I'm currently working on a robot vacuum.

  • Media Query Bookmarklet

    The mediaQuery bookmarklet gives a visual representation of the current viewport dimensions and most recently fired media query.

    GitHubBlog Post
  • mediaCheck

    This is a simple wrapper around matchMedia to run code on entry and exit from media queries. It also uses browser resize as a fallback for browsers that don't support matchMedia.

    GitHubBlog Post
  • Gem City JS

    Gem City JS is a meetup of web developers who share a desire to share and learn more about JavaScript.



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